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Asset enquiry

Q: Can I contact the Asset Owner/ Customer through chatting apps outside of Onthelease Platform?

A: All communications should be done via the Onthelease platform as this helps users to track the history of interaction. Refer to our Off-platform Policy for more details.

Q: Can I contact the Asset Owner without a reservation?

A: All communication should be done via the Onthelease platform for any asset enquiries.

Q: What requirements/ licenses do I need to be aware of before making a reservation for a certain item?

A: Please refer to the description of the asset. Otherwise please feel free to contact the asset owner via the Onthelease platform for further enquiries.


Q: What happens if the Customer cancels a confirmed reservation?

A: For all cancellations within 72 hours before the exchange or lease start date (whichever is earlier), the customer is eligible for 100% refund. See our Cancellation Policy for more details.

Q: What if I couldn't make it to the exchange because of a natural disaster or accident but I wasn't able to notify the Asset Owner/ Customer beforehand?

A: Please contact the customer/ asset owner via the Onthelease platform as soon as you get access via the Onthelease platform chatroom. Otherwise you may contact us via the Settlement Centre and our team will be in touch with you for further details that may be required. Refer to our Extenuating Circumstance Policy for more details.

Q: Can I restore a cancelled reservation?

A: Unfortunately, once a reservation is cancelled, you can only make a new booking request.


Q: What do I need to know during item exchange?

A: All customers are encouraged to check the functionalities/conditions of the asset during the exchange to avoid any inconvenience during the leasing period.

Q: How do I contact the Asset Owner/ Customer?

A: Users may contact each other via the Onthelease platform chatroom. Refer to our Off-platform Policy for more details.


Q: How do I edit my comments about a rental experience?

A: Once you post your comments, they will be published real time and they cannot be edited. Refer to our Review Policy for more details.


Q: How do I use the filters of the search function?

A: The search function appears as a search bar at the top of the page where the magnifying glass is located. It responds to keywords. However, should this show no results, it will lead you to a page where you are able to enter more details such as category, relevance, price and location.

Q: How do I know if a listing is available?

A: Only items that are available for leasing will appear in the initial search, then it depends on the dates of leasing period. If the item is not available during the period you selected, it will be greyed out.

Q: How do I save an item?

A: There is a heart icon on the bottom left of each item. You can save the item by clicking it and once it turns red it means it's saved. You may review your saved items by clicking onto the heart icon located at the top right of the page.

Q: How do I manage my list of saved items?

A: You may always remove items you have saved by going to your list of saved items and clicking on the heart icon on the bottom left of the item. Once it turns white, it will be removed the next time you come back to this page or when you refresh the page.


Q: What payment methods are accepted by Onthelease?

A: We have a partnership with PayPal, all payment methods accepted by PayPal would work on our platform.

Q: When am I charged for a reservation?

A: As soon as you send a booking request.

Q: When will I receive my payout?

A: 24-48 working hours once a reservation is confirmed and once we have successfully received the payment from the customer.

Q: What do I do if someone asks to make a payment or booking outside of Onthelease Platform?

A: All payments should be done within the Onthelease platform.


How long does it take to get a refund after I cancel a booking?

A: Refund will take place within 5 business days.


How do I cancel my reservation?

A: For Customers to get a full refund, all rentals take place at least over a couple of days. For these rentals, you can receive a full refund if you cancel any confirmed booking at least 72 hours before the rental is scheduled to start or before the exchange (whichever is earlier).

Customers are entitled to a full refund without penalty for any cancellation of unconfirmed bookings.  For Late cancellations, Customers will need to refer to the Late Cancellation Fee Policy set by the Asset Owners for each listing. See our Cancellation Policy for more details

Q: How can I change my reservation?

A: You cannot edit the details of a confirmed reservation. You will need to cancel it and make a new booking.

Q: What happens if the Asset Owner cancels my confirmed reservation?

A: Full refund of the deposit will be issued. Customers will be able to leave comments for the transaction on the Asset Owner for others to review.

Q: How do I check my reservation status as a customer?

A: You will find 5 circle icons on the top right of the main page. Click on the first icon on the left that looks like a human, select "My Rentals" in the drop down menu.

Q: What does each reservation status mean?

A: There are three statuses in "My Rentals" page:

- Active means the item is still being leased by yourself.

- Completed means the item has been returned to the asset owner.

- Cancelled means the booking has been cancelled.

Q: Can I add an item to my reservation during the exchange if I see something else I want to rent from the Asset Owner?

A: You will need to send in a booking request via the platform.

Q: How much time does an Asset Owner have to respond to my booking request?

A: We recommend asset owners to validate booking requests within 24 hours after reception.


What happens if the tool is not operational and I cannot get in contact with the Asset Owner?

A: If you are unable to contact the asset owner, please follow the instructions on our Customer Refund Policy and contact us within 24 hours once the problem is detected. Our team will follow up with you for the necessary next steps.

Q: What should I do if I break the item I rented?

A: We encourage Customers to inform the Asset Owners when they return the item and expect that there will be no return of the deposit paid.

Q: What if I can't find the place of exchange?

A: Please contact your Asset Owner via the Onthelease platform chat room for more details in how to access the exchange location.

Asset information

Can I update the leasing price of my asset after I publish it?

A: Asset owners are welcome to update the information including leasing price anytime after publishing. However, if a confirmed reservation is linked to the asset, you will not be able to do so until the leasing period ends.

Q: What if the cost of repair exceeds the deposit amount I have set? Can I adjust it?

A: All users are welcome to update asset information anytime. However, once a confirmed reservation is linked to the asset, the deposit amount cannot be updated. We encourage all asset owners to consider thoroughly before publishing.